Dont lie which song makea you to like fireboy DML

Which of Fireboy DML's songs made you fall in love with him? 

Taste and preference differ so as genre and artist varies. I don't really expect two different individuals to like the same thing. 

Everyone has their most adorable artist and the song they follow them for. For most persons, they fell in love or became part of Fireboy'sgroove from the moment he released Jealous (Laughter, Tears and Goosebumps album).

While for me, I took note of his impressive debut Sing featuring Oxlade but began to vibes to his songs starting with I'll be fine which is still my ringtone.

And  has been on a steady repeat especially for this COVID-19 season as one of my best companions.

Meanwhile, Fireboy poses other hit jams like What If I SayKingGbas GbosEnergy, and now Flenjo.

No doubt, he has been impressive and definitely one of the leading fast-rising artists in the Nigerian music industry currently.

The basic fact here is, Fireboy may not be your favorite Nigerian artist, but you will be lying if you admit not to have vibed to any of his songs. 

So hit the comment section by telling us Which Song Made you Like Fireboy DML? 

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