5 ways to promote your music as an independent artist

One of the ways by which you can easily get recognized by a record label in any part of the world is through the promotion of your music.

Promotion of music as an independent artiste is one of the most overlooked side when it comes to music generally yet it is one of the most paramount if not the most paramount side of music.

With a good voice and a good production, your music career won’t be complete without people on the other side listening to and getting inspired by what you sing, hence the need for effective promotion for every kind of music you could be doing.

Lighteousness understands how much challenge artistes especially those in the gospel scenes have with this so we have decided to collate 5 ways in which you can promote and even make money from doing gospel music.

1. Blog Promotion : The very place or perhaps one essential place you will need to put your music on immediately it’s out is a blog. This will give people free access to download and listen to your music. If it is a digital platform such as boomplay or spotify where you are paid for the streams, then you are in for some money. But if you are just coming in new, then it will be better you make your songs free for download . Blogs such as Lighteousness, gospel9ja, gospelxperience, praiseworldradio, unikempire, tracegospel and many other platforms which already have the traffic are always ready to make your song available to the public at an agreed cost based on their promotion plans.

2. Radio Promotion : While the blog is like a market woman who puts her good in the market, then radio promotion is like she shouting and making calls about what she has to sell. One of the old medium of passing information which hasn’t lost its value up till today is radio. Once your song is on a blog for download, then do not hesitate to run a radio promotion as this is where people get to listen to it first and then download it later. You can put your song on a disk (you say that’s old school but it’s official) and present it to radio stations or presenters of radio programmes so it can be played on air. The more it is played and people get to listen to it all the time, the more they want to know who sang it and the more they keep going to download it online.

3. Social Media Promotions : Like it or not, we are in the age of social media. If you are not on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, then you need to think twice about how really promoting your music. One way in which your song can get recognized is by engaging the social media. Some blogs offer social media promotion plans, don’t hesitate to put in for this as it will give you more recognition on the social media. Tag celebrities, friends and people who you believe will love what you do. Don’t assume they don’t see it, they do. They just want to see how consistent you will be. So make use of the social media well.

4. Lyrics Video/ Musical Video: If you don’t have money to shoot a music video yet, then doing a lyrics video won’t be bad or better still an animated video. This will give you access to upload your song to one of the most visited video website in the world, YouTube. If you have the cash, then don’t hesitate to do a musical video, this will aid in promoting your face, brand and single. Some other platforms such as Lighteousness offer studio recording session videos, you can subscribe to this and start putting your visuals on YouTube. Start selling your face to the public. Let them know who you are.

5. DJ/ OAP / Mix Tape Plays : If you’ve got a lot of DJ around you, then you are as closer to a good promotion as this number suggests. There are a lot of DJs that can play your song in events, programmes and parties. Try and get one you can link with and give your songs to. Make sure you put them on a CD or a flash drive so it can easily be received by the personality.

6. Notable People mentions: Another way to promote your song is to make use of some social media influencers. Some people have the influence and has many followers on social media. Send your songs to them and let them know you will love them to access and listen to your song and that you will love to have their feedback. Once they reply then you can follow it up with a plea for promotion or support. Some of them will charge you while others will agree. Few others will say No but don’t relent. Simply move on to the other person until you reach out to assist many as possible. This is going to take a lot of stress if you are doing it personally but giving the job to promotion companies like Ligteousness who has been in the system will lessen the stress.

I won’t leave you with just that but will also give you a bonus.

Another way to also promote your song as an individual artiste is to

*Tell people to dance to your song or do a give away for the best follower who can sing the song well. This will also help in spreading the song.

This however isn’t as simple as it seems. Some artistes aren’t so good at multitasking i.e. doing the music and at the same time promoting it. That is why we are here for you. Perhaps you need a promotion plan, you can always reach out to us by sending a mail to francissarz99@gmail.com or a whatsapp message to 08161657032. No cash is too small for the promotion of your song. We work based on your budget.

Meanwhile if you are looking for a record label, then you might need to read this.

Has this been helpful? Do you have any question, suggestion or any other challenge as an artiste you will love us to address, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comment section below. We are always here to help you.

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