7 Steps to Secure Your Facebook Account from Being Hack

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As already promise I am here to give out tips & steps on how to secure your facebook account from being hack. 

So many people have lost their Facebook account to unknown acclaimed foreigners due to lack of sense of humor, I mean how to keep their account self from getting unknown access to it. So this time Africanhype Media is here to helps out with tips & steps one after the other on how to keep your faceBook from being hack. 

Let's go now
Follow the steps and your main concentration should be the Red cycle point pls to get it clear. 


Log in to facebook account and at your right hand side check the screenshot and click on the place I cycle red. 


After clicking that place you will be proceeded to these place which shows many dialogue but your focus should be on Settings. After getting the below dialogue scroll to Settings & click on it. 


This is the dialogue you will get after clicking on Settings still scroll to Security & Login and click on it. 


This Step Four has two things, the  handle as already been cycle on the picture. So you can click on any one between Use Two Step Factor Authentication & Get alert about unrecognized login but on these process I prefer you chose the second one which is Get alert on unrecognized log in. 


After clicking on The Get Alerts About Unrecognized logins this is the dialogue that will pull out so just make sure you turn it on all if yours is Off. 

On the other hand after turning on everything as I said u can now go back to Step 4 and use these medium too I mean The Two Step Factor Authentication by clicking on it and get this and after getting this click on that place I cycle with Red. 


This is the second to the last step after click on the Use Text Message as Cycle on step 5 this is what u will them make sure your number appear here and and then click on Continue to proceed to the last step. 


On this last step this is what you be showned after clicking on Continue and a Token code of 6 digit will be sent to you make sure u copy and insert in the box and don't share it wiTh any body and then confirms it you will also be showed confirm with your facebook password to save then put your main facebook password and save. 

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