[Article Corona is real ] Afashima Moses.

The young Nigerian great poet, Novelist e.t.c has given  out another nice article about the  "COVID 19", also Known as Corona virus.
*COVID19, Nigeria in worst  form of shenanigans*.
This is A time which one expect our licentious and shameless politicians who have gotten for themselves A business company to at list  Draw themselves to compassion following the outbreak of COVID19.Instead, They have resolved to trade on our modest sensitivity.
Even though, Governance in Nigeria has been over the years taken as A personal business venture by our avaricious politicians, Using COVID19 to further consolidate their wealth is ridiculous, preposterous and outlandish.
It is quite unfortunate that in our dear country, The people’s welfare  is only been taken care of on the media and during electioneering period.  Just recently, The minister for humanitarian affair Sadiya Farouq came up with another strategy of siphoning our treasury by bringing out the home grown feeding program when schools are in total lockdown. Who are going to be the beneficiaries of this food? Where and how does she intend to know the children who are malnourished?   When the almajiri’s are stranded, hopeless and hungry.
 The govt of President Muhammadu  Buhari is A disgrace to the north and the almajiri’s who helped him during election.
Where is the billions received by this government? When the NCDC has complained  the lack of PPE and isolation centers. What the presidential task force knows is to hold press briefings every day.
Fellow Nigerians, It is time we demand answers to certain things. The treachery and shenanigans of this govt is too much with us. The govt has  claimed to have given palliative to the vulnerable and the poorest citizens. Please, I wish to know whether we have heard of anybody who has benefited from this scam.
Nigerians are watching your actions. We shall survive COVID19 without your palliative. This should serve as A wake up call for all Nigerians to do the needful when the time comes.
God save Nigeria.

©Afashima Moses

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Stay safe Corona is real.

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