Are You A Marlian? Check This Post To Know Your Level Of Marlian

Happy Marlian’s Day to you all!

As today makes exactly a year the marlian’s president declares the day to celebrate Marlian’s day following his EFCC’s saga, he’s then dropped a table which displayed all the characteristics a marlian possess.

A breakdown of the group of every marlian as we have “Fake Marlian“, “Beginner“, “Amateur”, “Pro Marlian” & “Elite”.

You can’t just dressed up and leave your belt at home and start calling yourself a Marlian.

Or you just do one dread now, you think you’ve qualified to be a Marlian. SMH!

You need to know your level!

Mind you, if you don’t have up to five attributes in this image below, you’re nothing but a fake Marlian.

See Photo

I hope you’ve seen the table?

Now, Which Level Of Marlian Do You Belong To?

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