Justice For Floyd Death As Police Officers Kneel To Beg For Forgiveness


There has been a recent outrage on social media and massive destructive protests in Minneapolis and some states over the brutal murder of the late George Floyd.

George Floyd was murdered by some police officers, with one kneeling on his neck while he gasped and pleaded for air. He continued to cry “I can’t breathe” but his plea did not compel the police officer to loosen his ‘grip’ on his neck. This level of inhumaness was interpreted as racist.

Since the death of George Floyd, there have been protests involving burning of houses and properties to plead for justice for Floyd. Social media has been flooded with tags such as #blacklivesmatter and #justiceforFloyd.

It seems our cry has got to the ears of the security personnels as they have openly knelt in front of protesters to accept the fault of one of their own and to ask for forgiveness.

This act has been warmly welcomed by protesters. We hope it is a step in a direction towards ending hate killing of blacks.

Below are some photos from the scene:

We hope this means an end to police brutality against black on “white” soil.

What do you also think of their act? Is it genuine? Are they worth forgiving? Or they did it to calm down the anger among protesters.

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