[Afashima Moses] Osman Dan Fodio and the new way of Islamization.

Usman Dan Fodio and the new wave of  Islamization..
 By afashima moses.
I am constrained to write this following the recent comments accredited to the national president  of miyetti Allah Kautal Hore  Bello Abdullahi Bodejo  that the Fulani will rule Nigeria forever. Evil prevails when  good men fails to speak. This is exactly what is happening in our country Nigeria. While we are blinded with enamors challenges, We have given  deaf  ears to what will become our worst moments of our lives in this country.  When we speak of the Fulanisation agenda of President Muhamadu buhari and the Fulani’s, We are always termed by His credulous and gullible supporters as been tribal bigots. I want to categorically and explicably state here that, I am not A bigot or religious fanatic neither I have anything personal with the Fulani.  but I shall continue to express my right of freedom of expression as enshrine in the constitution. I must also commend  Chief Femi Fani-Kayode for his relentless efforts in opposing this agenda. Nigeria is gradually becoming an Islamic state. There will come A time when the socioeconomic and political structure  of this country will be headed by the Fulani. The intention of Usman Dan Fodio will be achieved without bloodshed. Many would ask how this is going to happen. It will be very simple and transparent like white leather. With regards to this, It is pertinent I remind us of the words of Sir Ahmadu Bello and  the Saurdana of Sokoto in 1957.  “…We the people of the north will continue our stated intention to conquer the south and to dip the Koran in the Atlantic ocean after the British leave our shores." This may apparently look unrealistic but the one before our eyes is that of 1961 when he stated thus: “…The new nation called Nigeria should be an estate of our great grandfather Othman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We must use the minorities in the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered territory and never allow them to rule over us and never allow them to have control over their future.” This may sound funny.  Before I expatiate on this Islamisation process, Permit me to share with us how Adolf Hitler succeeded in his extinction quest of the Jews.
When Adolf Hitler became the chancellor and leader of Nazi and social party on the 30th of January 1933, He began his extinction process by putting an end to democracy in Germany. He did this by invoking the Enabling Act—emergency decrees of the German constitution which suspended individual freedoms and gave extraordinary powers to the executive. Hitler began to quickly escalate his campaign of intimidation, terror, and violence. He moved to ostracize Jews in all sectors of German society: economic, political, cultural, and social. The Nazis were able to use the government, the police, the courts, the schools, the newspapers, and radio to implement their racist ideology. This ideology held that Germans were “racially superior” and there was a struggle for survival between their race, the Aryan or “master race,” and other inferior people. While Hitler’s terror was waged against anyone deemed an “enemy of the state,” including communists, trade unionists, and other “radicals,” Jews were marked as the lowest race with extreme vengeance. between 1933 and 1939 the Nazi State legislated  restrictions against Jews designed to force them out of Germany’s economic, political, and social life.These restrictions included the  Dachau (Germany) concentration camp to imprison (without any trial) people they consider their enemies, An act giving Hitler dictatorial powers for 4 years, a boycott of all Jewish businesses in Germany, The  ban of Jews from working in the civil service and strips them of their equal rights. Amongst these restrictions were the abrogation of Jews from studying law and medicine and the  burning of thousands of anti-Nazi Jewish-authored and “degenerate” books. He did all these under the banner,  “The Jews are our misfortune.” Between 1933 and 1945, Nazi Germany and its collaborators murdered six million Jews and five million other civilians, including Sinti and Roma people (also known by their derogatory label as Gypsies), Poles, people with physical and mental disabilities, gay men, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Soviet prisoners of war, and political dissidents.
One would want to ask why bring the issue of Hitler here. I want us to understand that, For an agenda to be executed, It must be carefully planned. Back to the Islamisation and Fulanisation agenda. It is no longer news that most states of the federation have witnessed the proliferation of herdsmen and the almajiri. Why I respect their freedom of movement, I question the rationale behind spreading all over the country when no state is better in riches and good living. The reason behind FG’s intention of establishing cattle colony and ruga settlement was to incorporate the Fulanis in different state as indigenes in other to control the affairs of the state politically. Their plan is that one day, A fulani man will be appointed as minister from the south as it is happening in the middle belt. This will in no way violet the fedral character commission because whether it’s a fulani, The south is represented. A country where 16 out of 17 security chiefs are from the same tribe, One should no way disagree that the country is technically Islamized already. A situation where 7 out of 9 managers of NNPC  are coming from the far north is questionable. This may come as surprise to most of us. I have uncovered from A confidant how the far north do infiltrate the recruitment process of the military and paramilitary to accommodate their people more than any other tribe or region. This is to ensure continuity in their ranks of Fulanisation.
To this end, We must support the deportation and ban of the almajiri system. This will not only decongest our states. It will  help impact meaningfully in them. While the Fulanis must restrict their nomadic living to areas of supervision and embrace ranching, No state should be impose with fulani again. By the time we allow the Fulanis to take over the strategic sectors of this country, The genocide we see today on our people is nothing with what is going to come.

God save Nigeria.
Afashima Moses is a poet and students of English university of Jos.
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