One Night Only – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 30]

Six and a half weeks later…

After putting Bryant to bed, I spend the rest of the night cleaning up the house. I head to the bedroom with the intention of cleaning the bathroom before bed. We’ve been staying at Owen’s actual house because I wanted some privacy and a sense of normalcy in my life. Michael has been hiding out in the basement for the past six weeks, only recently coming out when the news of his fathers death got back to me. As far as anyone is concerned, a deal went South, resulting in his death but I know it was premeditated. Michael has since moved back into his old room at the building with the underground casino.

I am checking my phone by the bed when a sound causes me to turn around. Owen is standing in the door, looking as good as ever. It has been six and a half weeks since I last saw him so I knew he’d be home soon but he didn’t tell me exactly when. Happiness consumes me and I quickly close the space between us, wrapping my arms around him. He picks me up and I wrap my legs around him, my lips meeting his. What is meant to be a short passionate kiss quickly changes into a fervent makeout session. My hands pull at his hair and I move down to his neck as he moves, kicking the door shut. Pulling back, I look down at him and he smiles. “I’ve been cleaning the house, I’m dirty.”

He turns to lock the door before heading to the bed. “That’s okay because when I’m done with you, you’ll be filthy.”

A fire ignites within me and within moments we are lost in each other.

Dressed in a modest black dress, I slip my arm through Owen’s and follow him through the grass. The funeral service was decent and now we are at the cemetery where his father is being buried. I glance up at Bryant who is in Owen’s arms wearing a suit. He hardly knew his grandfather and doesn’t quite understand what’s happening. But he was ecstatic when he woke up to the sound of his father’s voice.

Owen and I spent the entire night reconnecting, leaving me exhausted for todays events. Owen on the other hand, looks radiant and well-rested. I have some questions for him bug there wasn’t much time for talking. Hopefully we get some alone time tonight after Bryant is in bed.

When the service begins, the immediate family takes their seats beneath the canopy. The rest of the guests stand around as a man begins speaking. I slip my hand onto Owen’s thigh and he leans over to kiss me. His mother is in the row in front of us and hasn’t showed much emotion. There is a woman on each side of her, holding her hands. When they begin lowering the casket into the ground, she loses it, sobbing uncontrollably. My heart aches for her. She may be just as cold as he was but that was her husband. I can’t imagine being in her shoes. If it was Owen being lowered into the ground, I’d be the emotionally unstable one right now.

Owen’s hand slips beneath mine and he laces his fingers with mine, squeezing gently. This is it. He’s finally free from his father’s grip. As curious as I was about the details leading up to his death, I’m not sure I want to know anymore. He’s gone so it shouldn’t matter. All that matters is Owen’s newfound freedom. Now Michael can take over. I find myself searching the crowd for him but don’t see him.

When the service ends, people begin saying their goodbyes before leaving. I take Bryant so Owen can say goodbye to his mother. I stand beside a teee, watching them. She hugs him and he speaks to her. “You look nice.”

I glance over at Dominic and smile. “Thank you. So do you.”

He looks to Owen then back to me. “Were you surprised?”

I nod. “I couldn’t believe he was back. I didn’t even know the funeral was today until this morning.”

He chuckles. “That’s Owen for you. He seemed happy to back. He missed you two.”

Still watching Owen, I bite my lip. “I missed him too.”

“Don’t worry, these six weeks will go by just as quick.”

I turn to him in confusion. “What do you mean?”

He looks surprised then a bit embarrassed. “I’m sorry, I thought he told you. It’s not my place to say.”

“He’s leaving for six weeks again?” I ask in disbelief.

He glances quickly in Owen’s direction. “Please don’t say in anything.”

A moment later, Owen is at my side. He takes Bryant from me and glances at Dominic. “We’re going to head to the house. Do you need anything?”

“No. I was just saying hi,” he responds, his eyes flickering to mine.

“I’ll see you tonight,” Owen says, turning to walk away.

I follow him, glancing back at Dominic’s retreating figure. Is it true? How could he possibly leave for another six weeks when he just got back? Especially when he has a son at home waiting on him. Deciding to let him tell me about it, I keep quiet as he drives to the house. When we turn onto Bellevue Boulevard, I can’t help but frown. Why does he want to be here when we could be at home spending time together? He pulls up to the gate and the men welcome him back before allowing us to pass. He parks in the garage and takes Bryant out while I wait by the door. “I have a few things to do but I’ll meet up with you later,” he says, leaning down to peck my lips.

“What about Bryant?” I ask.

“I’ll take him with me,” he says, walking through the door with

I watch him disappear at the end of the hallway and I sigh. Going into his room, I spend the day waiting around on him but he never comes.

The next day, I convince myself to give him some space. He’ll come to me when he’s ready. It’s about eight thirty at night when a woman walks through the door with Bryant sleeping in her arms. “He fell asleep in daycare,” she explains. “Mr. Carter instructed me to put him to bed here.”

I point to his door and she takes him there. Why would he be in the daycare when I was here all day? I could’ve watched him. When she returns, I run my fingers through my hair. “Do you know where he is?”

“The lounge outside the strip club,” she responds. “All of the boys are partying.”

I bite the inside of my cheek. “Do you mind staying here for a while just in case Bryant wakes up? I need to speak to him.”

“Of course,” she nods.

“Help yourself to a drink,” I offer, heading out the door.

As soon as I reach the end of the hall, all I can hear is the music. Sauntering towards all of the men, I wander into the crowd in search of Owen. We need to talk, whether he wants to or not. I find him sitting at the bar, laughing with some men. I place my hand on his arm and he glances at me before taking another drink and continuing with his conversation. What the hell? “Owen.” He ignores me so I try again. “Owen!”

“What?” he asks, irritated.

I remove my hand, immediately on edge. I don’t want to set him off. “Are you coming home?”

“Maybe,” he shrugs.

“We need to talk.” He doesn’t say anything so I continue. “You just got home and you can’t even find time to spend with me and Bryant.”

He finally turns to me, shaking his head slightly. “I’m finally free from my father. I don’t need you tying me down right now.”

“So you think you can come gome, fuck me, then disappear?”

The men beside him chuckle. He glares at them and they quickly leave the bar, finally leaving us alone. “I’m right here. I didn’t disappear.” Rolling my eyes, I turn and walk away. He follows me put of the crowd and grabs my hand. “What do you want from me?”

Pulling my hand away, I turn around. “I want you to want me. You came home and used me then disappeared. If you still want to be with me then prove it because it really seems like you don’t. If you don’t want me then I’ll find someone that does.”

He rolls his eyes. “You’re being dramatic. I’ve only been home for two days.”

“So? You should want to spend time with us considering you’re leaving again.”

He furrows his eyebrows. “Who told you?”

“That doesn’t matter. Do you want to be with me?”

He runs his fingers through his hair. “Would we live together if I didn’t?”

I shake my head. “I don’t want someone to live with. I want someone who can’t live without me.”

He shakes his head in frustration. “Then lets go do something.”

“When are you leaving?” I ask.


I step away from him in disbelief. “And you didn’t have the decency to tell me that?”

He sighs. “I didn’t know how to tell you. I knew it’d hurt you.”

“So you were planning on pushing me away so I was mad at you before you left?” I ask. “I don’t understand you. You were so sweet the night you got home.”

“I have a lot going on right now,” he says, taking slow steps so I follow him away from the party. “I have to show Michael the same things my father showed me and I have to figure out what the hell I’m going to do.”

“What do you mean? We’ll get jobs and act like normal people.”

He shakes his head. “I don’t want that anymore. These six weeks have changed my view on a lot of things. I didn’t want to run the mafia but I still want to be a part of it. This is my life now and I’m not sure if I want to change it.”

I look away from him, staring ahead as we near the hallway where his room is. “And where do I fit in to all of this?”

We turn the corner and he gently pushes me up against the wall, his firm body pressed against mine. He raises my chin, forcing me to look up at him. “When I get back, we can get married.”

My eyes widen. “So soon?”

He shakes his head. “Time doesn’t matter. My parents met at seventeen and were married within two months of knowing each other.”

“But you’re leaving again,” I point out.

“That’ll give you time to plan it. I’ll come home every Sunday morning and leave Monday morning so we can spend more time together,” he says, pressing a soft kiss to my forehead. “We’re going to make this work.”

I’ve never wanted something so bad in my entire life. I never want to lose him or Bryant. They are a part of me now and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I peck his lips, smiling. “I love you.”

“I love you too. We can pick out a ring together. I wasn’t sure what you’d like.”

I shake my head. “The ring isn’t important. Take me to bed.”

He smiles. “Gladly.”

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