[Full List] Smilezee, McDow, Bigtimz Zamani, Joe Waxy, Da Kris, Zedicy, & Ms Tha Rap Icon Nominated For KEMA Award 2020



    "Entertainment Cadre"

The organisers of these great event "KEMA  Award"  have released the list of nominees for the 2020 edition of the Entertainment awards Cadre.

The award ceremony is aimed at recognizing outstanding achievements in the music industry.

This year’s edition features 17 categories to acknowledge and celebrate the work of various upgrowing artistes, bloggers,  & producers and other professionals in the industry

1. Artist of the year


*Martino Elcasino

*Faith Jay

*Mr. Fanty

*Bossman Inkredible

*Juzzy Juwell



*Doc 2D

2. Kwararafa choice of the year

*Asap Ama Joel 

*V. Man Deviper

*Bigtimz Zamani

*Legend Maza

*Young Kixx

*Dj Niggx


*Jukun Makavelli

*Da Kriss



3. Street hub artist of the Year

*Legend Zamani


*ML Sahpire


*Jukun Makavelli

*Asap Packy

*Mr. Randah


*Gucci Doso

4. Next rated Artist of the year



*Young Rapper




*Lurkie 15

5. Hiphop Artist of the year 

*Kanky Gangba

*Ms ThaRap Icon

*Juzzy Juwell


*Bossman Inkredible

*Jossy tha Finest


6. Best single of the year 

*Faith Jay - Talk

*Bossman Inkredible - Guna

*Kaysoti - Strong Woman

*Rami D - Never Give Up

*Rocky Lion Peace

*Young Kixx - Gorozo

*Mr. Fanty - Deliver 

*Kemidy - Ridan Ridan

*Bigtimz Zamani - 1960

7. Best collaboration of the year

*Exodus - Seniorman Ft. Flexbizzle

*End Bad Governance Ft. Bossman x Yerimz x Yemuzy x MacLucky

*Queen Zee - Love yourself Ft. Saphire

*Bizypossible - Pay Ft. Mjay Korrect x Mr. Emmdizzle

*Smilezee - Wake Up Ft. Makizza

*Mr. Fanty - Domkira Ft. Doc 2D

*Stain - Soweto Ft. Yerimz x Dj Voltron

*Zenith - Mamanlah Ft. Mr. Fanty

*Juzzy Juwell - Godfather Ft. Tee Ice

8. Best new artist of the year


*Star Face

*Queen Zee

*Young Star 


*Emmy D

*S. I Official 

*Bizzy Possible

9. Album/Ep/Mixtape of the year 

*Somidal - GOOD LIFE


*ML Saphire - M.O.T

*Zenith - NBT (OTB) 

*Lord Ande - RAINBOW

*Kanky Gangba - SANNU BANNU


10. Best producer of the year

*Joe Waxy

*Lyrics Beat 

*Expensive Beat

*Real J

*Mr. Famzy 

*Young Kaffa

11. Best Music video of the year  

*V. Man Deviper - Panbavho

*Bossman Inkredible - Guna

*Yabwoy Gas - Dan Gaye

*Kaita - Yar Fara

*Faith Jay - Talk

*Zenith - Nothing do me

12. Best blogger of the year




*AbinseLoaded  Blog





13. Best mc of the year

*Mc Jay

*Mc Wingalo

*Mc Mallex

*Mc Baron Ashagye

*Mc Talk Talk

*Mc Kelly

*Mc Yemuzy

*Mc Cyber

14. Wukky Choice of the year


*Spiff Boi



*Dj Expensive Palaspa


*S. I Official

*Dj Benz

*El Haddy

*Blaq Diamond

15. Afro DanceHall King of the year

*Tee Ice


*Sugar Marley

*Royal Farian


*Yabwoy Gas

16. Gospel Artist of the year

*Milcah Kefas



*Lord Ande


*Lemuel SOD


*VIC De Greatness

17. Most Promising Artist of the year



*Casty Motion

*Thugger Tha King

*Young Rapper


*Gee Banks



*Emmy Soja


...Good Luck.


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