I'm not a fan of award amid Nigeria Singer Wizkid to Naomi Campbell @AfricanhypeMedia


- The singer stated that music saved his life and has made him a source of blessing

- Wizkid also said that if not for music, he would have probably been a street kid

Talented Nigerian singer, Ayodeji Balogun, popularly called Wizkid, in a recent interview with British model and actress, Naomi Campbell, revealed what music had done in his life.

In a video clip shared by Thetattleroom on Instagram, the model had Wizkid on an episode of her No filter with Naomi show.

Explaining that the singer would rather stay home than go out, the actress mentioned that whenever she was in Nigeria and Wizkid had to see her, he would show up with his pockets full of money and give out everything.

The musician explained that giving was something he loved to do, seeing as music had turned his life around.

The father of three also said that if he was not doing music, he would have probably ended up on the streets because he did not come from a rich home.

Speaking further, Wizkid noted that he changed the life of his family, as God used him as a blessing for them.

He conclusively said that music saved his life as well the lives of the people he loved.

Meanwhile, africanhype.com.ng reported earlier that Wizkid returned to his home country just in time for the festive season after being away in London for months.

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