Important Reasons Why Blogging Is Good Amid Hypeman Bizzy To Benue Artists


it has become a problem to some artists to promote or blog their songs because of one reason or the other,
   Some thinks we Bloggers gain alot from the downloads while some thinks it's waste of money.
  But let me ask, do such people voice their songs for their selves or for their fans, it's for their fans how do they want the ones living far to get them.

Here is my reason why Blogging is important to artists

It's through Blogging that other artists meet their helper's, let's assume that u blog your song on a standard site that Davido or other top Artists do visit,
By downloading them they may feel ur vibes and decide to make the world hear of you, either they may sign a contract with you or support you up.

It's obvious that some Artists thought bloggers are fooling them by getting money from the downloads but believe me that's not so

Some Artists spend money in recording their songs but find it difficult in Blogging and promoting it,

My question here is this how much do they produce a song? Is it the same amount we request for Blogging? There are so many questions but I won't ask them all

Let's join hands together and promot ourselves there are many site in Benue state that Benue Artists can promote their songs

We have sites like

And lots more

Pls blog ur songs and promote them hard to go viral
Benue music industry must get to the top and dominate.

Together we shall make it ✊✊

I am Hypeman Bizzy Blogger/Hypeman @ Bonezworld and Africanhype Media

Thank you all and remain blessed. 

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